Mission Statement

In a fun, caring and state of the art environment we operate with complete integrity to our community and deliver the highest level of comprehensive dental care.

Our Patients
Patients who understand that superior quality restorative and preventive dentistry is the foundations to having good oral health and preferred outcomes. We ask in return that they be part of our team and put there best effort in to maintain their oral health, keep their appointments and meet there financial arrangements.

Our Staff
These are the backbone of our practice. Each team member is enthusiastic, has the highest standards of quality and integrity. They are fun loving and are committed to the awesome dental team. They are conscientious and happy to educate the patients and themselves. They will be recognized and reward when they show initiative and exceeded their job assignments. They are team player in which they always assist each other.Each member of the team is committed to their role which intern will give our patients the ultimate dental experience.

The Business of Dentistry
The practice while offering the highest quality of dental care is based on sound business principles. Fair and reasonable fees are charged in return for the quality of services we provide. The success of the business is measured on a daily, monthly and annual basses with the aid of performance indicators. All team members will help record and reach these check points.

The Future
By recognizing that change will occur and we will only grow and learn out side our comfort zone we take on this challenge by committing to continuing education. The doctor will provide an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and learning and will make the financial investment to facilitate this growth.

The leader will direct this team towards the goals stated in our purpose statement. He will do this with consultation and an exchange of ideas but it is the responsibility of each individual to challenge themselves and so achieve success.