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CEREC™ One-Visit Crowns

CEREC™ One-Visit Crowns

Durable, Beautiful Crowns Made While You Wait

You’ve probably endured the routine: The dentist says you need a crown. Your tooth is prepared, followed by a goopy impression and installation of a temporary crown. You then wait two weeks to return to the dentist for the permanent crown to be placed. If the fit isn’t right, it has to go back to the lab for another two-week wait and another visit to the dentist.

Today, it is so different! Your experience will be much easier and less time-consuming, and the fit will be perfect. That’s because Elsternwick Dental Group uses the CEREC™ system, a CAD/CAM technology that makes it possible to repair your damaged tooth with a crown in only one visit. Temporaries are no longer required. You receive the actual crown that fits like it was your natural tooth. And it is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

We use a high-tech camera to take an accurate picture of the tooth. The picture is then displayed on a screen. We then use the computerized CEREC system to design the restoration to fit perfectly over the remaining tooth. It gives you a strong, very functional, and natural-looking tooth without repeated visits. This saves you time and gives you something to smile about!

All this makes going to the dentist much easier and faster, and who really wants to spend more time in the dental chair?